The Layered Cake Series: Part 1

What better way to celebrate then with cake! We love cake!!

Two out of my three sisters and I all have our birthdays in the summer. To celebrate I decided that it would be best to create a layered cake for each of us which included all of our favourite flavours. This was not a simple task, but it turned out to be a success.

Layer Cake # 1 : Chocolate S’more cake. Happy Birthday Brittany!

Brittany loves s’mores! The simple pleasure of roasting marshmallows over a midnight fire squishing it between two crispy graham crackers with a big piece of milk chocolate is simply divine. The gooey hot marshmallow, melting sweet chocolate and crisp cracker is the perfect bit of sweetness. Makes you feel like a little kid with marshmallow smeared across your face and chocolate dripping down your hand.

This seemed like the perfect combination for a birthday cake.

I started with three 9″ round pans lined with parchment and greased. I made a basic graham crust and increase the recipe by 6 so that I had a thick graham layer on two of my cakes. (I followed the recipe on the back of a HoneyMaid box)I pressed the graham into two of my cake pans and backed until just firm and golden.

Shhh….It’s a Secret.

For my chocolate cake layers I used my secret chocolate cake recipe. This is my favourite recipe. I have tweaked this recipe until it is perfect to me, moist, sweet and extremely chocolatey ever time. If you are nice to me then maybe I’ll share my secret, maybe.

While the cakes were baking I made a simple Ganache. Heavy cream and milk chocolate. Simple, silky and delicious. It worked great to represent the gooey chocolate on a tradition s’more.

Layering and Decorating.

Once the cakes were cooled it was time for the fun part, layering and decorating!

The cakes where layered and covered in gooey chocolate ganache.

The top of the cake was then covered with large marshmallows. This sweet puffy cloud added a good 2 inches to the top of the cake.

Bring out the blow torch!

It was time to “roast” the marshmallows on top of the cake. Don’t get too excited, I just have a little brûlée torch that worked perfectly to get the job done.

The only down fall with this cake is that the ganache began to melt when I was toasting the marshmallows. this made for a lot of trips back and forth to the refrigerator and a slightly slanted cake. But over all it was a great success. The graham layers were crispy, the cake was moist, the ganache was silky and smooth and the marshmallows were soft and toasted.

Here’s to Brittany and her Layered S’more cake!


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