Attention All Cheesecake Lovers

White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake

This past weekend my family got together with some family friends for a night of food and festivities. Needless to say I was in charge of dessert. I made my World Famous White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake…okay, so it’s not World Famous…well, it’s not famous at all but it is pretty tasty so maybe one day it will be!

A classic Golden Graham crust, creamy filling hinted with white chocolate and peppermint extract, topped with whipped cream and sprinkle with white chocolate shavings and candy cane. Perfection.

I love this cheesecake because it is light and fluffy and not overly ‘cheesy’ or sweet. It is also very versatile and I can change up the flavours however I like. Next time, I’ll do Dark Chocolate Raspberry or Kahlua Coffee.

This is my own personal recipe that has taken me a couple of times to perfect but I think I’ve finally got exactly what I want.

So if you’re interested, I’m sorry to say that this one is top secret. I am no going to share the recipe with you but…

Let me bake for you!

Just invite me over!


Hollie – Cheesecake’s biggest fan!


Wedding Bells

Although it was a cool, dark and rainy evening, it turned out to be a wonderful night. I had the opportunity to cater a wedding rehearsal dinner for 30 people in a magnificent home in Heidelberg.

The tables were set with white plates and linen napkins, autumn scented candles were burning throughout the house and the kitchen was warming as the final touches where being added to the meal.

As guests arrived the wine was served, hor’dourves were passed and garnishes were added to the rows of plated salads. While the meal was served and enjoyed the house began to smell of sweet apple crisp as it baked in the oven.

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