Gobble Gobble

A Christmas Celebration

I recently had the opportunity to cater and serve a turkey dinner to 150 people. The dinner was hosted and served at my home church, Creekside Church. The event was a Christmas celebration for the Celebrate recovery group.

For more information about this program based on fellowship and God’s healing, click on this link:  http://www.creeksidechurch.ca/pages.php?p=84

I worked in the church kitchen for 3 days leading up to the event. Roasted countless turkeys, sautéd onions for stuffing and made gravy. It was a wonderful environment to work in. Visits from pastors and mission leaders put a smile on my face as I worked away. Before long the whole church smelled of turkey.


The event was a great success. Tables were dressed with white linens, red candles and Lindor chocolates. The auditorium filled with couples, families, the youth full and the elderly. The sense of love and warmth filled the church as everyone ate there dinner and joined in fellowship.

Thank you Creekside for giving me this opportunity to serve with you and for you. It was such a blessing to me and a memorable evening.


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