Demo Reel Launch!

Hollie’s Catering takes over the “Big Screen”


So far, my journey with Hollie’s Catering has been more than I could have ever expected. I have so many wonderful people to thank for the opportunities, support and feedback along the way. I’m constantly blown away with how much I’ve learned on this journey. For this post, I’m referring to more specifically, business promotion.

What I’ve learned has been more than daunting or expensive tactics of advertising, rather,  it’s been a way to express my passion in a way that others can connect. I opened myself up, shared, and had fun!

It’s been a great success, so, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Therefore, I have had the opportunity to put together a video promo for Hollie’s Catering. A little about me, and a little about my business values and aspirations.

 Enjoy my video!

Would love to hear your feedback!


Check it out here!



2 thoughts on “Demo Reel Launch!

  1. Too often we as moms forget this early on when times are so busy. Some of us finally figure it out later, when they have grown and we aren’t needed quite as often, but just as much.

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