About Me

Hi, my name is Hollie.

Welcome! I’m happy you’re here.


You must know that I’m totally obsessed with food. I daydream about new recipes. I devour cookbooks. I read up on food policy and nutrition. I love cooking and baking. Above all, I love eating food. I love trying new foods and experiencing new flavours.

I started my catering business to  bring the joy of eating back into people’s lives. I will do the planning, cooking and all the cleaning. While you have the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying eating without the hassle.

I would love to work together with you to plan a menu that fits your needs and is in your budget. Together we create anything from cupcakes to wedding cakes and Christmas dinners. Let me know what your would like catered, I’d love to chat!

Me in 20 Words:

Coffee. Mornings. Jesus. Rain. Cinnamon. Fidgety. Travel. Nature. Cuddling. Organization. Music. Sun. Photography. Health. Self-Learner. Pilates. Independent. Babies. Books. Glasses.

 IMG_5936 2


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