The BIG Announcement!

Malnutrition in a world of abundance is unacceptable.

With that being said, here is the Big Announcement:

I will be spending the next few week in Uganda, Africa. I will be working with local organizations, including a boy’s home and orphanages, to implement nutrition plans while working with their budget. I look forward to expanding my knowledge in the markets, gaining experience in their kitchens and broadening my understanding of global nutrition, diet, ingredients and cooking techniques.

How did this happen?

I have always felt a draw towards those less fortunate with the theme of food and nutrition. Over the past few months I have connected with organizations overseas and the possibility of Uganda fell in my lap. Consequently, I saw this as an opportunity for my business to give-back and a credible cause and organization.


I am passionate about using local products, maximizing our resources and feeding back into the local economy. I do not believe in a “quick-fix”, rather value the importance of knowledge and understanding of our own resources. My goal is to bring better nutrients, an understanding of nutrition and teach the benefits and versatility of local products.

Mother Theresa once said “If you can’t nourish 100 people, then just nourish one”. So that is my goal, not with an ambition to save the world but rather, share my knowledge and skills, in hopes of benefiting to those in need. I have been blessed with an abundance knowledge, experience and skill and have now been called to share and serve. I look forward to learning and gaining perspective and I hope that this will be a time of giving back and understanding a greater need.

I genuinely want to thank you for supporting Hollie’s Catering, because you’re not just supporting me and the people at the farmers market, now you’re supporting nutrition needs overseas.

I am ecstatic for you to join me on this adventure and would love to hear any of your comments or questions!


A Girl’s Night Out

On Saturday night I had the privilege of being apart of ‘A Girl’s Night  Out’. Local businesses came together to show off their services to the women of the community.

Hollie's Catering Display Table

Hollie’s Catering Display Table

Display Table

Display Table

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream

Food Demonstration

Food Demonstration

Demonstrating Thai Green Papaya Salad

Demonstrating Thai Green Papaya Salad

Free Cake winner will be

drawn tonight!

Stay Tuned!

A Women’s Event brings Asian Cuisine to life!

What do you get when you combine an Asian Market with a Women’s Event?
Hollie’s Catering unique food demonstration!

This coming April I have been asked to be apart of a local Women’s Event. I will have a booth set-up promoting Hollie’s Catering, lots of sweet and savoury samples, as well as a food demonstration.

The main feature of my demonstration will be Thai food. This will allow me to showcase my Thai cooking techniques that I studied in Thailand last year. I will be making two of my favourite dishes, and there will be enough for everyone to share!

This food demonstration made for an excellent excuse to visit the local Asian Market. I have been itching to visit for sometime now and I am so glad that I did. This market brought me right back to Thailand. The distinct smell, aromatic herbs and spices, fresh fish, unique labels and more culinary possibilities then I could ever imagine. It was like a little piece of heaven. If you’re looking for a little adventure or a way to spice up your cooking, take a trip to the local Asian Market! It is worth the trip and your meals will thank you!


BBQ duck and Chicken.

BBQ duck and Chicken.

Just a few of my purchases...

Just a few of my purchases…

The Women’s event is on Friday, April 5th from 7-9:30 at the Elmira Pentecostal Church. It will be a night filled with all of your favourite things; shopping, spa packages, free samples and food!

Ladies, I hope to see you there!

Demo Reel Launch!

Hollie’s Catering takes over the “Big Screen”


So far, my journey with Hollie’s Catering has been more than I could have ever expected. I have so many wonderful people to thank for the opportunities, support and feedback along the way. I’m constantly blown away with how much I’ve learned on this journey. For this post, I’m referring to more specifically, business promotion.

What I’ve learned has been more than daunting or expensive tactics of advertising, rather,  it’s been a way to express my passion in a way that others can connect. I opened myself up, shared, and had fun!

It’s been a great success, so, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Therefore, I have had the opportunity to put together a video promo for Hollie’s Catering. A little about me, and a little about my business values and aspirations.

 Enjoy my video!

Would love to hear your feedback!


Check it out here!


A Boxing Day Feast

Boxing Day

In the Jones household, Boxing Day is always celebrated with a traditional English feast. The feast is a collection of cold foods and typically wrapped in pastry or stuffed with sausage.

The staples include:

A cheese plate – cheese ball, goat cheese, stilton, brie, and old cheddar

Sausage rolls

Devilled  eggs

Walkers Crisps – flavours: cheese and onion, smokey bacon, roast chicken and prawn


Pork Pie: Cold pastry filled with seasoned, minced pork


Homemade Scotch Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs, encased in sausage, breaded and deep-fried.

Essential condiments and garnishes:

  • Colman’s Hot English Mustard
  • Homemade pickled onions
  • Sweet gherkins
  • Pickled beets
  • Green and black olives


And for those of us who do not like pastry wrapped sausage, there is always an abundance of buns and left-over turkey for sandwiches.

I hope you are all feeling full and satisfied from your holiday meals. Let the salad eating and juice cleanses begin…at least until New years!

My Christmas

My Christmas looked like…


Sisters and cousins all cozy on the couch.


Unexpected gifts. The Fossil Charm bracelet of my dreams!


The perfect gift for a chef. Kitchen Aid Professional Series in Empire Red!!


A sleepy puppy. Naps, Anywhere and anytime.

Wishing you joy and love,

(and all kinds of cookies and sweets!)

Merry Christmas!