Supporting Local

Why I believe in supporting local…

I strive to support local whenever possible. With a local Farmer’s market minutes from my home and acres of farm land surrounding me, I am blessed to have local and fresh produce, meats and cheese at my finger tips. These produces send me on the mot amazing culinary adventure.

Many meals travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to reach your dinner plate. We have the luxury throughout spring, summer, and fall of local producers who offer the freshest, tastiest, and most nutrient-rich selections available.

Supporting local food isn’t simply about the food itself, is about the experience, knowledge, and quality that local farmers’ markets, and family farms can provide.

Freshness, Taste and NutritionLocal food tastes better!

Local Economy and Community Local food and farming are key economic generators for communities and Ontario.

Climate and EnvironmentReduce food miles and take a bite out of climate change.

Health and Food SafetyEat healthy, safe local food to support Ontario’s food security. Fresh picked foods equals 100% nutrition.

CelebrateLocal food brings people together, enhances a sense of community, and it is revitalizing rural life.


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