A Baby Shower!

Celebrating a beautiful mama-to-be, I catered a mexican inspired baby shower.

I had the luxury of catering out of a beautiful open concept kitchen. The house was decorated with light pink roses and the table was set with polished silver and floral tea cups.

Ladies mingled, sipped on wine and squealed over the excitement of the upcoming baby. When dinner was served everyone sat around the house at various tables and enjoyed a variety salads and meats,  all with a mexican flare.

The Menu

Mexican Shrimp Cobb Salad

Mexican Quinoa Salad

Three Bean Salad

Grilled Corn Salad

Chilli and Lime Grilled Chicken

Tequila Lime shrimp


 Margarita Lime Cupcakes

Hot Chocolate cupcakes with Cinnamon buttercream

Mexican Shrimp Cobb Salad

Mexican Quinoa Salad

Tequila Lime Cupcakes

This was a beautiful event. I had so much fun interacting with guest and working in such a magnificent kitchen. Thank you so much for including me in this event.

Congratulations to a beautiful couple and their soon-to-be sweet baby girl!


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