A Classic Apple Pie

In my mind Apple Pie tops the charts.

Flaky crust. Golden buttery edges. Sweet filling. Apple pie.

Tart apples tossed with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg creates a sweet filling. Flaky, buttery homemade crust encases the filling to make a delicious dessert.

We’ll experimenting with pie dough recipes over the last year I have finally found my favourite recipe. Though it took some trial and error, I have found my secret ingredient. Tenderflake Shortening. I have been taught to use Crisco, have always used Crisco, but this time I went against the grain.

Tenderflake delivered the most flaky and golden crust that I have ever made. The crust puffed up while baking, and feel apart in my mouth.  Try Tenderflake in your favourite pie dough recipe. Let me know what you think!

Bake this classic pie, your home will smell glorious and your family will thank you!



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